Groover Hamilton was created by trial lawyers, Zachary Groover and James Hamilton, with a singular focus – to find new and innovative ways to streamline the property subrogation process to maximize recoveries and efficiencies for our clients. The attorneys at Groover Hamilton have over fifteen years of experience handling all kinds of property claims, including fire losses, water losses, freeze damage, sprinkler failures, lightning strikes, CSST fires, building and roof collapses, general and subcontractor negligence, and many others. We have the experience and wherewithal to handle any property claim that comes our way.

Groover Hamilton prides itself on providing the best possible customer service to its clients. We believe that clients should never have to wonder about a claim’s status or plan of action. Nor do we believe that clients should ever have claims sitting on their dockets for months (or years) without any action or progress toward a resolution. At Groover Hamilton, we encourage our clients to be actively involved in all stages of the claim (in fact, we value their input) and believe that greater results come from moving cases forward at all times. Contact the attorneys at Groover Hamilton to discuss your subrogation needs.

Groover Hamilton is pleased to provide our clients with free access to our custom-built, proprietary subrogation recovery software – RecoveryWindow™. After years of experience handling subrogation cases, we created software from the ground up that seeks to not only streamline the entire subrogation process, but allow our clients to be active participants. Among other features, RecoveryWindow™ allows our clients to securely submit new claims, communicate directly with Groover Hamilton attorneys, upload documents, get real-time updates on the claims, and participate in every aspect of the subrogation process. Moreover, RecoveryWindow™ tracks, maintains and analyzes key data from all of its claims, so that our clients can make the best informed decisions based on real numbers and hard data. Contact Groover Hamilton today to see how RecoveryWindow™ can add value to your business.